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Wine Inventory Management

The Bevero inventory tools allow real-time inventory counts to be accessible via the click of a button. Unique to the wine industry, Bevero tracks both physical inventory counts and available inventory counts.

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It’s completely normal to have cases of wine sitting around waiting to be picked up by members.

But don’t worry, we’re tracking those cases!

Multi-Location Enabled

  • Manage inventory by location. 
  • Track sales, transfers, and receipts by location. 
  • Unlimited locations. 

Digital Inventory Transfers

  • Track wine transfers by date or code. 
  • View real-time available inventory counts. 
  • Keep track of who is moving inventory. 

Merchandise, Apparel and Gifts Management

  • Unlimited SKUs. 
  • Track sales by Vendor or Purchase Order. 
  • Easily re-order inventory that is low. 
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