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Quick-Service Restaurant POS for Wineries

Built for the fast-paced, quick-service restaurant in mind, Bevero’s Restaurant tool is complete with food modifiers, kitchen printers, and more.

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Avoid running tickets to the kitchen - we’ve got an app for that.

From firing food items to kitchen printers to enabling food modifiers at the product level, we’ve got you covered.

Kitchen Printer Enabled

  • Assign food products to specific printers. 
  • Kitchen receipt enabled with black or red ink. 
  • Cloud-based Wifi printer options. 

Food Modifiers

  • Enable add-ons for price increase. 
  • Add detailed item notes for Chef. 
  • Unlimited food modifier options. 

And more!

  • Apply member discounts to restaurant purchases. 
  • Allow guests to pay up front or at the end of the meal. 
  • Unlimited categories. 
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