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Authvia Integration

Thoughtfully selected to help you scale your wine club and your bottom line through conversational commerce.

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Authvia Text Payments

Modernize your conversational commerce experience with Authvia. The Bevero and Authvia integration currently includes the ability to text club members a link to pay should their club shipment payment decline.

How it works

  • Download your list of declined orders from Bevero.
  • Upload to the Authvia portal.
  • Send SMS.
  • When payments are made, transactions complete in Bevero.


  • Payment data is tokenized and
  • Every payment transaction requires
    a unique, 4-character code to
    ensure the customer is making a
    payment for the right transaction.


  • Customer data is obfuscated,
    rendering it unreadable to possible
    cyber attacks.
  • Every customer has access to their
    own secure vault to add or delete
    information at will.
  • Authvia is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant.


  • A single login to Authvia allows
    customers to manage their data
    and view past receipts, payment
    requests, payment options,
    signatures, forms, and contracts.
  • A single login for Bevero customers
    makes managing coversations
    with members and guests a cinch.


  • $10 per month integration fee.
  • $0.20 per text conversation (a single conversation contains multiple texts).
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

Rolling out conversational commerce one step at a time.

Phase 1 (current phase): Send SMS messages to your club members to collect payment on declined orders. With email open rates averaging around 30%, now more than ever SMS is essential.

Phase 2: Admin and POS integration. Send text invoices for orders created in the Admin (phone or email orders) and eliminate the need for payment terminals on the POS by texting the invoice to your customer.

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